Spring Bloom Bouquet in 10″ Glass Cylinder




Product Description

With dense, colorful blooms and contrasting dark green foliage, peonies and roses are showstoppers in any garden. They flower in happy abandon. We think pinks are especially beautiful because their hues shift at different stages of bloom and in the changing light. The arrangement of exquisite bowl-shaped blossoms captures the peony’s natural beauty-including those intriguing nuances of color. Their stems are twirled together to form a gorgeous bouquet.
  • Pink peonies, blush and lavender roses in various stages of bloom
  • Clear 10″ tall glass cylinder
  • Actual blooms, foliage, and placement may vary due to the hand-crafted nature of this item


  • Weight: 215 oz
  • Width: 16 in
  • Depth: 16 in
  • Height: 18 in

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