Liana Floor Lamp with Vanda Orchids



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Product Description

This beautiful and seductive Liana Sculpture Floor Lamp adorned with white Vanda orchids is an absolute eye-catcher and a wonderful unique addition to any room. The LED spot light on the base bathes the liana wood and orchids with warm light, igniting a cozy and sexy atmosphere. This is a beautiful sculptural piece to enjoy during the day as it transforms into a statement piece at night. The base consists of a solid wood panel, which adds an extra touch of elegance.

Every single lamp is absolutely unique and can deviate in form, color and grain. Small cracks and holes are normal for these products because they are made of a natural material.

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  • Weight: 704 oz
  • Width: 18 in
  • Depth: 12 in
  • Height: 60 in

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